What We Do

The IFS family of companies comprises EPS Settlements Group, IFS Special Markets, Mass Tort Settlement Services, Millennium Settlements, Structured Financial Associates, Providio MediSolutions and JMW Settlements with a workforce of over 200 professional structured settlement consultants.

Combined, the IFS organization places approximately $2 billion in annual structured settlement annuities. IFS has provided Structured Settlements services to its clients for decades and has unmatched expertise and experience in helping to resolve financial and employment related claims as well as traditional structured settlements for physical injury and Workers’ Compensation claims.

This network of knowledge gives our people access to the best tools and the most up-to-date industry information enabling us to provide the best settlement solutions to our clients wherever they are or wherever they need us.

Why do clients choose us? It is because we are a firm dedicated to the success of our clients, from large insurers and corporations, to wire-houses, broker-dealers and plaintiff law firms. We have local consultants in every jurisdiction able to provide the highest level of service and expertise they deserve.

Regardless of our clients' needs, we offer the broadest range of services, focusing on the unique needs of each individual client, while keeping our business lines separate and confidential.