Structured to Lead

The settlement industry poses challenges as opposing sides dispute over every detail and dollar. In such a competitive environment, it can be easy to lose sight of the prize: a settlement agreeable to both sides, crafted in a fair and just manner to ensure that consensus is reached and wrongs are made right for the benefit of the client.

A noble goal — and a tall order. Can one company rise above the rest in a complex and challenging? Can one company truly bring it all together?

Integrated Financial Settlements is structured to do just that. Our knowledge of and specialized expertise in every component of legal settlements comes from decades of addressing the issues faced by all parties involved — attorneys, claimants, defendants, and financial services providers. We understand the challenges and respond to the needs expressed by our clients. Because of the unique organization of our family of companies, we can offer negotiating strategies and comprehensive settlement resources to create the most beneficial and forward-thinking solutions in the market today.

As much as we grow, innovation remains at the core of IFS. It takes the form of industry-leading products and services designed to simplify processes. It lives within our culture and extends to the collaborative relationships that bring clarity and closure to each case.

Innovation drives everything we do, and it gives us the power to lead our industry in the right direction.