IFS Special Markets
IFS Special Markets is our research and development division for innovative and proprietary deferred attorney's fees products such as Fee Structure Plus and Enhanced Attorney Fee Structures. In addition, IFS Special Markets also partnered with Midwest Bank and Trust to develop the Treasury Funded Structured Settlement product, a structured settlement funded with U.S. Treasuries to provide the highest level of security for claimants.

IFS Special Markets offers more than just traditional structured settlement products in the physical injury and workers’ compensation arenas. It offers unparalleled opportunities for growth in providing solutions for law firms, employment litigation, non-physical injury claims, divorces and many other types of disputes. We also offer Structured Sales, a product based on installment sales and a new way to defer capital gains when selling appreciated property.

Broader Use of Structured Settlements
Structured settlements have been used to resolve tax-free physical injury and Workers’ Compensation claims for over 30 years, and have been very effective in helping to settle claims quickly and cost effectively. There are many other types of claims, both tax exempt, such as long term disability and construction defect, and taxable, such as contractual disputes, D&O, and E&O, that can still be effectively resolved with a structured settlement through the use of a Non-qualified Assignment.

By entering into an agreement for periodic payments and then transferring the payment obligation through an assignment, defendants reduce the risk of large jury-awarded damages, save the cost of ongoing litigation and claims expense by moving negotiations forward that have otherwise deadlocked, increase the attractiveness of settlements by offering lump sums, immediate payments, deferrals, or some other combination that better meets the needs of claimants.

Plaintiffs benefit equally by achieving unsurpassed security, since all periodic payments are made by highly rated life insurers. Although most non-qualified settlements are ultimately taxable, receiving payments over time results in less being lost to taxes and the funds grow on a tax-deferred basis. Reducing the amount received up front may result in a lower tax bracket or Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), and payments may be for a guaranteed period, lump sums and/or for life.