JMW Settlements

JMW Settlements is a full-service structured settlement firm headquartered in Washington, D. C., with a national reputation for technical depth and transactional sophistication. Among its many industry contributions, JMW was the first firm to establish its own legal department and the first to adopt centralized financial and documentation controls. Early development of these critical competencies enabled us to confidently take on a wide variety of high-stakes matters for our clients. There are no areas of tort litigation we are not qualified to handle—indeed, which we have likely not already handled.

We take a purely professional approach to the structured settlement business. No matter what kind of case our clients are trying to resolve, we will advance their interests with the full depth of our collective talents. Our services are limited neither by territory nor case size; whatever level of expertise is needed will be brought to bear on the matter at hand.

Our clients have never appreciated this capability more than they do now. The increase in transactional complexity of the past ten years has been nothing short of astonishing, but JMW clients have not had to hack their way through this jungle alone. They know that experienced guidance is just one phone call away. And if we don’t know how to resolve an issue ourselves, we know experts in every related field who do. It is our pleasure to guide our clients unreservedly, staying with them every step of the way until the matter is fully and finally resolved.

This philosophy has earned us an unusually loyal clientele. Whether it involved finding a safe home for $170 million dollars five days after the Lehman Brothers failure, assuring that the surviving children of America’s fallen astronauts would have the funds to attend college, or helping a grieving widow guarantee down payment on a house for her young son’s 30th birthday—our clients have never suffered a moment’s doubt about our abilities to help them. JMW settlements are indeed built "To Last a Lifetime."