Providio Medisolutions

Providio MediSolutions provides a broad spectrum of lien resolution and Medicare Secondary Payer Act (MSP) compliance solutions for law firms, defendant insurers, third party administrators, self-insureds and, of course, Medicare beneficiaries themselves. We are uniquely positioned to provide value to clients by offering a variety of tools to help navigate the uncertain waters of lien resolution and MSP compliance.

With respect to lien resolution, we negotiate and resolve all types of health insurance liens including Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, VA, ERISA and private health plans. We also assist clients resolving provider liens including statutory liens and known bill amounts from hospitals, physicians, emergency services, and other healthcare providers. Providio handles hundreds of thousands of liens nationwide in single event and mass tort cases.

Meanwhile, MSP compliance requires an organization to be up to speed on the latest legislation, administrative guidance and case law at all times. Our attorneys, paralegals, nurses, life care planners and administrators are some of the industry’s leading experts in their fields, with significant experience handling both workers’ compensation and third party liability cases. We offer free case consultations to clients for cases involving compensation for future medicals that would otherwise be covered by Medicare, and help them determine the best course of action. Workers’ compensation and liability case consultation recommendations are based on the available CMS guidance and case law at the time of the consult. If there is no clear guidance available, our experts provide a series of options based on the facts of the case and allow the client to ultimately determine the best, most reasonable course of action to take Medicare’s interest into account within the context of the client’s level of risk tolerance. Providio’s cadre of MSP compliance tools includes Medicare Set Asides (MSAs), CMS Submissions of MSAs, Guidance Memoranda, Apportionment Legal Opinions, Medicare and Settlement Guidebook for MSA self-administration and/or Medicare beneficiary education, and Professional MSA Administration (powered by Ametros).

Finally, Providio offers 468(b) Qualified Settlement Fund trust administration services in multi-claimant matters.