Structured Financial Associates

SFA leads the marketplace in the quality of associates who bring their collective experience to the table.

SFA is represented by a group of highly credentialed professionals from widely varying backgrounds who have a tremendous amount of experience in assisting the settling of claims. SFA associates draw on their shared histories and strengths when working with claimants in order to offer creative and effective structured settlement solutions.

During the course of the settlement process, SFA professionals will work closely with you and your attorney, at no cost, to ensure your financial needs are met through the use of a structured settlement. Financial needs such as future medical expenses, educational funds, retirement planning, wage loss, etc., are carefully analyzed by the SFA associate. Proposals are then customized for your review. At any time during the settlement process, the SFA associate will be available to answer any questions you have about structured settlements. Once a settlement option has been selected, the SFA associate will take care of everything required to finalize the settlement.

SFA is committed to providing the right solution to resolve the claim. While structured settlements are a perfect fit for many claim types, occasionally there are times when a structured settlement is not an appropriate solution. Under those circumstances, SFA will advise against the use of a structured settlement to settle the claim since SFA is committed to protecting the claimant's interests rather than profiting from a substandard resolution.