In 1984, Millennium Settlements, Inc. opened its doors with the goal of becoming an industry leader in the very specialized field of Personal Injury Settlement Design Consulting. Today, Millennium continues to lead the way by offering comprehensive advisory services and financial products, all designed to best serve injured claimants, including loved ones and caretakers, by meeting their unique needs and concerns.

Millennium has corporate offices in Tallahassee, FL, Austin, TX and San Diego, CA and consultant offices throughout the United States. We are proud to offer our clients the highest level of service available in the industry. Our goal remains the same – to lead the industry by serving injured plaintiffs, their families and their legal representatives better, and more comprehensively, than anyone else can. Millennium also has key affiliations within, but not limited to, the banking, brokerage, mortgage and trust industries.

Our “needs based” approach to settlement design planning helps ensure that our clients are provided with customized plans that best meet their unique financial and emotional needs. Millennium Settlements is a member of the National Structured Settlements Trade Association (NSSTA), further assuring you of currently informed professional service relevant to the industry.

At Millennium, we provide services related to:

Physical injury

Workers’ Compensation

Employment discrimination or wrongful termination

Attorney Fees

Punitive Damages

Non-Physical Injuries

Disability Policy Buy-outs

Property Disputes

Breach of Contract

Fraud Claims

Divorce Settlements

Lottery/Contest Winners