Structured Financial Associates

Rich Regna

Richard Regna

Shortly after the inception of the structured settlements industry, a group of business pioneers founded Structured Financial Associates. One of the first nationally based firms in the country, we were able to partner with the most prominent life insurance companies that provide settlement annuities. With a forward-thinking attitude, we took advantage of the unique opportunity to create a new enterprise while working to shape and grow the fledgling industry. Today, we are one of the largest firms in the country, with more than 70 consultants nation-wide.

With our expert consultants and unique products and services, we customize structured
settlements exactly to our clients’ needs, solving complex problems quickly and strategically with the utmost consideration.

We work closely with clients and their attorneys, at no cost, to ensure that the financial needs of the injured party and insurer/insured are met through the use of a structured settlement. If a case is not an appropriate candidate, the consultant will advise the parties so they are free to pursue other settlement options.

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At SFA, we provide services related to:

Physical injury

Workers’ Compensation

Employment discrimination or wrongful termination

Attorney Fees

Punitive Damages

Non-Physical Injuries

Disability Policy Buy-outs

Property Disputes

Breach of Contract

Fraud Claims

Divorce Settlements

Lottery/Contest Winners