Kyle Bollman

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President of Millennium Settlements

Kyle Bollman is a founding partner of Structures, the leading product development provider of tax-deferred programs for contingency fee attorneys, as well as tax-free and tax-deferred programs for claimants in legal settlements, disputes and contracts. Structures has successfully created Fee Structure Plus®, Settlements PlusTM, The Treasury Funded Structured SettlementTM, and the Enhanced Attorney Fee StructureTM.

Kyle is one of the founders and the CFO of Alpha Artists, LLC and Applied Investment Strategies, LLC, two of the leading designers of equity indexed annuities in the United States.

Kyle has served as the CEO and President of Millennium Settlements, the nation’s leading provider of structured settlements for plaintiffs and their legal counsel. During Kyle’s tenure at Millennium, the company grew 700%. Kyle has also served as the Chief Financial Officer and Partner of Integrated Financial Settlements, Inc. (IFS). In that capacity, Kyle assisted IFS in acquiring and assimilating four structured settlement agencies that, combined, now represent the largest provider of structured settlement services in the United States.

Prior to becoming a Partner and Chief Financial Officer of IFS, Kyle served as Chief Financial Officer and Board Member of Investar Holdings, Inc. With gross premiums of approximately $1.1 billion annually, Investar was a specialty insurance and financial services organization consisting of an insurance agency, two structured settlement agencies, a financial services company, a business management company, and a business brokerage company. Prior to his positions with IFS, Kyle was President of Thomas-Pierce & Company, Inc., a boutique mergers and acquisition brokerage firm that handled small to medium-sized transactions. While at Thomas-Pierce, Kyle was personally involved in approximately $1.5 billion in M&A transactions.

Kyle received his undergraduate degree in 1990 from Tulane University, in New Orleans, Louisiana, and his M.B.A. in 1992 from The University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida.