At Arcadia Settlements Group, we help resolve conflicts, reduce litigation expenses and create long-term financial security for people through settlement consulting services.

We have a rich history as the first structured settlements firm in the world and are the largest of the IFS companies. In our more than 45 years in business, we have used our skill and knowledge, innovative products and unparalleled caring service to help settle over 325,000 claims involving structured settlement funding of over $40 billion. We have positively impacted hundreds of thousands of lives by providing security and closure.

You can find us nearby, with more than 160 experienced settlement professionals across 50 offices in the United States and Canada. All of Arcadia’s consultants are employees of the firm rather than independent contractors, which allows for greater quality control, consistency and a stronger team commitment to client needs.

At Arcadia, our passion for helping and empowering people is at the heart of everything we do. Our expert team helps people navigate the complexities of injury claims with experience, well-proven strategies, compassion and innovation.
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At Arcadia, we provide services related to:

Physical injury

Workers’ Compensation

Employment discrimination or wrongful termination

Attorney Fees

Punitive Damages

Non-Physical Injuries

Disability Policy Buy-outs

Property Disputes

Breach of Contract

Fraud Claims

Divorce Settlements

Lottery/Contest Winners