JMW Settlements

Henry L. Strong

JMW Settlements was founded in 1978 under the auspices of the Julia M. Walsh & Sons investment company in Washington D.C. Originally retained to help resolve tort claims for the federal government, railroads, and local plaintiffs’ counsel, the company developed a reputation for technical excellence that earned it a broadly diversified national practice. The firm became a proud member of the Integrated Financial Services family of companies in July 2013.

JMW Settlements is a national settlement planning firm headquartered in Washington, D.C. and committed to crafting durable financial settlements for personal injury claims and litigation. We take a purely professional approach to our structured settlement business. No matter what kind of case our clients are trying to resolve, we will advance their interests with the full depth of our collective talents.

Whether retained by plaintiff, defense, or fiduciary, our mission remains unchanged: maximize available value at settlement to help foster full and final resolution of the claim. This has been our guiding principal for over three decades and its effectiveness continues to serve and satisfy our clients today.


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At JMW, we provide services related to:

Physical injury

Workers’ Compensation

Employment discrimination or wrongful termination

Attorney Fees

Punitive Damages

Non-Physical Injuries

Disability Policy Buy-outs

Property Disputes

Breach of Contract

Fraud Claims

Divorce Settlements

Lottery/Contest Winners