Our Companies

Our Commitment

The IFS Companies are committed to providing premium settlement services and holistic solutions to all of our clients.  Our people offer a comprehensive approach to settlement planning and provide exceptional expertise.  We are comprised of two settlement planning firms—Arcadia and JMW– that work directly with plaintiffs and defendants to settle legal claims and two settlement provider firms—Assura and Structures–that work with consultants to provide innovative structured settlement solutions for claimants.

Arcadia Settlements Group

Arcadia is the largest of the IFS companies and helps resolve conflicts, reduce litigation expenses and create long-term financial security for people involved in personal injury claims through our settlement consulting services. The first structured settlements firm in the world, Arcadia has helped settle over 325,000 claims involving structured settlement funding of over $40 billion and have positively impacted hundreds of thousands of lives by providing security and closure. All of Arcadia’s 160 experienced settlement professionals across the U.S. and Canada are employees of the firm rather than independent contractors, which allows for greater quality control, consistency and a stronger team commitment to client needs.

JMW Settlements

JMW Settlements is a national settlement planning firm headquartered in Washington, D.C. and committed to crafting durable financial settlements for personal injury claims and litigation.  Whether retained by plaintiff, defense, or fiduciary, our mission remains unchanged: maximize available value at settlement to help foster full and final resolution of the claim. This has been our guiding principal for over three decades and its effectiveness continues to serve and satisfy our clients today.  We take a purely professional approach to the structured settlement business.   No matter what kind of case our clients are trying to resolve, we will advance their interests with the full depth of our collective talents.


Structures works with qualified settlement consultants to offer specialized solutions with true market-related returns such as their Settlements Plus and Fee Structure Plus programs. Structures’ originative programs offer flexibility for use in physical injury cases and many additional applications, including attorney fees from non-physical injury cases, installment sale transactions, employment litigation, environmental litigation, celebrity endorsements, and more.

Assura Trust

Assura works with professional settlement consultants to build comprehensive settlement solutions utilizing a blend of specialized financial tools, such as the Growth Structured Settlement (GSS), Settlement Management Trusts and Investment Management Accounts. When combined with a structured settlement annuity, these tools help create specific settlement outcomes by delivering more options to injured people and their families.