Structures’ programs, such as Fee Structure Plus and Settlements Plus, offer flexibility for use in physical injury cases and many additional applications, including attorney fees from non-physical injury cases, installment sale transactions, employment litigation, environmental litigation, celebrity endorsements, and more. These settlement programs offer market-based returns for claimants and attorneys, and when combined with other settlement products, offer a comprehensive settlement solution. Our specialists are equipped with the expertise to offer full-service solutions addressing even the most complex tax implications related to legal settlements. Structures’ unique and proprietary programs are built upon a platform that emphasizes client education and care.

At Structures, we provide services related to:

Physical injury

Workers’ Compensation

Employment discrimination or wrongful termination

Attorney Fees

Punitive Damages

Non-Physical Injuries

Disability Policy Buy-outs

Property Disputes

Breach of Contract

Fraud Claims

Divorce Settlements

Lottery/Contest Winners